We are a locally-owned computer repair store in Gardner, serving the Kansas City business and residential areas for nearly 10 years. We pride ourselves for fair service with a quick turnaround. We service Mac and PC desktops, all-in-ones, laptops, and Windows tablets. On-site service for business or residential customers is available.


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Desktop Machines

Desktops are a key component in the computer workforce. Owning a system that keeps up with you is critical. Basic machines for word processing, email, and web browsing to powerful gaming systems and design workhorses -- we have them all.

We build systems to your specifications as well. Ask about our custom-built machines for a durable, reliable, and upgradable solution that scales to your needs.

Laptops and Portables

If you prefer portability, our range of like-new and refurbished laptops and tablets suit a variety of needs. Do you need a webcam, 10-key, or a large display? From netbooks to large mobile workstations, we can find a machine that works with you.

Networking Equipment

Switches, routers, modems, cables, internal and external ethernet cards, wireless cards and adapters, and more! Free installation for internal PCI/PCI-e adapters for desktop computers. Friendly networking advice included!

Peripherals and Accessories

A variety of components and accessories for computers, including keyboards, keypads, mice, video and audio cables, card readers, backup and storage hard drives, flash storage media, laptop power adapters, desktop power supplies, RAM, desktop monitors...and too much more to list here. You are always welcome to call us or check in-store to see if we have what you need.


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